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NDN-ForumToday is the day ... just a few hours left!

Please make sure you get out to the polls and vote in this critical election.

In case you missed the recent Naples Daily News article about the candidates and their positions, here is a link to that article ... and our recent Facebook post below:

Candidates face-off and Parents Rock weighs in!

Below is a breakdown of the school board candidates, their ages, their positions and who signed the citizen's accountability contract. 

“We need board members that are going to fight for us,” 

"Some candidates have been vocal in their opposition to the sup's extension, particularly in the manner it was done".

“Hopefully, the ones that are elected will advocate for us at the state level and do brave things like Lee County and opt out of it."

Here is the link to that article again:



Check out this short video about the last School Board Candidate Forum (Click on picture above or here to view the video!

Please make every effort to attend one of the upcoming forums, and tell your friends and neighbors! These forums are very well done, and it is so important that we all get to know the candidates and their positions on issues before this upcoming election.

The next candidate forums are:
Thursday, July 17th
First Baptist Church of Naples
3000 Orange Blossom Dr, Naples
Doors open at 6:15 and Forum starts at 7 PM

Tuesday, July 22nd
Covenant Presbyterian Church
936 Trail Blvd, Naples
Doors open at 6:15 and Forum starts at 7 PM

"Meet the candidates for the 2014 Collier County School Board" is hosted by the SWFL Citizens Alliance, a non-partisan organization. You can see the entire event by visiting http://swflcitizensalliance.com/ and clicking on the Candidate Forum LiveStream link.

Special thanks to our sponsors who helped make the event possible:


Don't forget to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/ParentsRockNaples

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legal-updateHoliday Greetings from ParentsROCK!

First, we want to wish all of our fellow ROCKers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Legal update ...

Just before the holiday, parent/attorney Steve Bracci went before the Collier School Board to make his case regarding the District's improper rulemaking when they changed the policy on after school care without consulting parents (as was their rule at the time). This "case" had already gone in front of what was supposed to be an impartial "hearing officer" (sort of the judge in the case). Who appointed herself the "impartial" hearing officer in this case? Superintendent Kamela Patton. Hardly an unbiased judge!

Mr. Bracci was asking the School Board to deny hearing officer Patton's decision to dismiss, and instead allow an independent judge to hear and decide on the case, but his request was denied unanimously by the Board. Anyone sitting in the room during the hearing was shocked at the Board's decision and the fact that they rendered it without a single word of discussion. Once again, it was clear that the outcome was determined before the meeting - another example of the Board and the District 'teaming up' against the rights of parents and constituents!

Bottom line - we need a new School Board!

ParentsROCK meeting coming soon:

Join us at the next Parents ROCK meeting!

When: Monday, January 27th at 6:30PM
Where: The Sports CLUB Center, 3275 Pine Ridge Road.

Meetings are open to the public and kids are welcome!

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EducWeek-ArticleToday, Parents ROCK was featured in an Education Week blog post regarding after school care - a national news outlet!

Check out the Education Week blog post here!, and keep up the awesome work spreading the word about our awesome group!

Also ... Join us this Monday!

Join us for the Parents ROCK Meeting Monday, October 28th at 6:30PM at Sports Club Center, 3275 Pine Ridge Road. As always, kids are welcome!

At the meeting we will share important updates on after school care, cell towers, FCAT placement, Common Core, and our many other efforts. Parents ROCK committees are gearing up for upcoming budget hearings, fundraising, and continued promotion of our group to parents across the District. Come and let us know what YOU think we should tackle next! When parents communicate and support one another, everyone wins. Be there!

Get your t-shirt!

You can order your "Parents ROCK" t-shirts at the meeting. They are $15 for men, $20 for women, and $10 for kids (yes, even kids know that Parents ROCK!)

See you Monday!

ndn-article 2013-10-17THANK YOU to all who attended the Collier County School Board workshop this week to support parents and kids!

This was just the first step in the process to ensure parents are put in the driver's seat for after school care decisions going forward - not the District staff who clearly cannot be trusted to include us!

Parents ROCK has has some HUGE successes this week that we want to share with all of you - see the awesome list below.


There is still a lot of work to be done and more education issues that YOU need to know about!  We are inviting you to attend our next Parents ROCK Meeting on Monday, October 28th at 6:30PM at the Sports Club Center (3275 Pine Ridge Road). As always, KIDS are welcome! When parents unite and communicate, we can make a difference in our schools and our community. Join us! You will be glad you did.


  1. A Parents ROCK profile piece ran on the front page of the Naples Daily News Wednesday! ROCKers Erin Garcia, Darcey Olscamp and Ann Hayes were featured front and center!
  2. Over 150 concerned citizens attended the School Board Workshop on Wednesday! Despite a disappointing outcome, the turnout shows that our grassroots efforts are working and we must keep the pressure on. Some Board members directed the District to consider our "Parent Solution" as they make changes to the policy for the next reading in November. (More on the workshop under "Press" below.)
  3. The School Board voted unanimously to allow community members 3 more weeks to negotiate for the relocation of the cell tower at Poinciana Elementary. This was a surprising decision, since the voices to "move on" from parents' concerns were loud and forceful - thankfully, common sense prevailed at the meeting in Immokalee on Tuesday.

"ROCKer WEEK" in the PRESS!

You MUST read the Naples Daily News' front-page story describing the unbelievable antics at the School Board Workshop on Wednesday. Parents who were silenced by District counsel walked out in disgust, some yelling at the board about upcoming elections; another parent spoke over the counsel's interruptions, and was threatened to be removed by a deputy. There was clapping for parents, booing for the Board, and a whole lot of frustration. In the end, School Board Chair Barbara Berry expressed that she doesn't think the District should be in the after care business, but since they are, they will do it how they want and we (parents) can take our business elsewhere.

This is for OUR KIDS...and it is now so much bigger than just us. We are fighting a culture of corruption in our own backyard, and we cannot leave this to the next group of parents. This is our time to fight and we are all part of it for a reason!

We are proud to be ROCKers, and to work with all of you for our common cause - our KIDS.

Great things are still to come!

ROCK on!!!


Due to Copyright provisions, we cannot post the articles themselves:

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL (Front Page) ARTICLE (subscription required)

Published in the Naples Daily News on Thursday, October 17, 2013


Published in the Naples Daily News on Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We have lots of important information to share with you!

Please see the announcements below and feel free to call with any questions - 239-287-6287
Erika Donalds, ROCKer

Parents WILL be heard!


We want to remind you about the crucial School Board Workshop this Wednesday, October 16th at 4PM at the MLK Administration Center (5775 Osceola Trail).  Your support and input is needed! The School Board will consider the changes to after school policies proposed by the district, which include the rules already in place regarding mandatory price increases, no rollover credits, and restricted physical activity. We will also address the lack of parental involvement and accountability in the decision making process and how to ensure we make these decisions in the future!

This is the FIRST and so far ONLY time that parents and members of the community can ask questions about the district's policy and process for arriving at this point. We need you there to stand for parents rights as well as ethics and transparency in our school district!


Sports Club has offered to keep the Sports Club Center open until after the School Board Workshop (as long as it takes) AND serve pizza to the kids! The Sports Club Center is located at 3275 Pine Ridge Rd, very near to the MLK Administration Center (behind Community School & Barron Collier HS).

Children who already attend SCC in the afternoons will be charged a normal day. Parents from any school who are attending the workshop can bring their children to SCC on their way at no charge! Pizza will be served at 5:45PM.


School Board Meeting - Cell Tower Discussion - Tuesday 10/15, Immokalee H.S.

The School Board had another discussion regarding the cell towers at Poinciana Elementary and other schools at the regular school board meeting on Tuesday 10/15 at 4PM at Immokalee High School (every October meeting is in Immokalee to allow those citizens easier access to the board).

Several members of Parents ROCK went to the meeting. This is another example of lack of parent involvement and input, and the district disregarding parent and community concerns for a financial incentive. If you have not already, please sign the Poinciana petition here.


Thank you to all of our supporters - parents, grandparents and community members alike! If you believe in our cause, please join us by making a monetary donation to help us reach more parents in our community. Click here to donate online or mail a check to:

Parents ROCK
P.O. Box 110306
Naples, FL 34108
ROCK on!!!


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Click here to read the article!Naples Daily News: "After-school program hearing off docket after Collier district appeals to judge" ...

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL ARTICLE (subscription required)


This week's hearing was put on hold to allow the Collier School District the opportunity to receive public input on the changes to after school care programs. The District's admitting of wrongdoing is a great first step, but it is far from the win that the parents are looking for. Now comes the important work of getting all concerned parents and community members to attend the October 16th Policy Workshop, where the changes in price, rollover credits, and structure of after school care will be discussed and questions will be answered by District officials.

Want to make a REAL impact??

Attend the Public Workshop! Wednesday, 10/16 at 4PM at the Admin Center


  • Price increases
  • No rollover credits
  • Vendor changes
  • Academics vs. play 
  • Parent involvement
  • No scholarships
  • Reduced teacher discount

We need you there!


Due to Copyright provisions, we cannot post the article itself:

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL ARTICLE (subscription required)

Published in the Naples Daily News on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Click here to read the article (subscription required)!Naples Daily News: "Board in hot seat for replacing nonprofit" ... A must-read!  The public hearing is tomorrow, September 17th at 9AM ... Please attend, if you can!

This excellent article in advance of tomorrow's hearing at the Collier County Courthouse, describes the frustration of Collier parents and highlights the efforts of Parent and Attorney, Steve Bracci as he confronts the out-of-control School Board that has consistently refused to listen to the deafening cries of outraged parents, let alone show themselves to be the true representatives of those same parents.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL ARTICLE (subscription required)



Public Hearing on After School Care! September 17th at 9AM

All parents and concerned citizens are invited and encouraged to attend the public hearing to be held Tuesday, September 17th at 9AM at the Collier County Courthouse, 3315 Tamiami Trail East. The Division of Administrative Hearings will hear Steve Bracci (Laurel Oak / Sports Club Parent) vs. the Collier County School Board and will decide whether the School Board/District violated Florida Administrative Procedures by making "rules" via the Request For Qualification process for selecting after school vendors. Examples of these rules are the price increases, no rollover credits, and requirement that each student spend 2 hours with a certified teacher each day.

Steve Bracci has done an amazing job holding the District's feet to the fire and he needs YOUR support at this hearing! Please be there!  If you have any questions contact info@parentsrock.org.

Due to Copyright provisions, we cannot post the article itself:

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL ARTICLE (subscription required)

Published in the Naples Daily News on Monday, September 16, 2013

Click here for more information!Don't sit on the sidelines, unite with other parents for the good of our children!

Click HERE for more information (PDF)

Click HERE for a Printable Flyer to hand out to friends! (PDF)

Become a "ROCKer" today!  So much has happened over the summer that impacts you and your kids:

  • The School Board & District have failed to represent parents:

* After school care
* Cell phone towers

  • Parents are uniting to demand a voice in OUR school district!
  • Plus: Common Core ... What you need to know

Don't miss this important meeting on Monday, September 23rd, 6:30pm at the Sports CLUB Center (3275 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples FL 34109).  Please click the Facebook "Like" button at the top of this story! ... Print and pass out flyers!  Invite other concerned parents and friends!  Kids are welcome to attend!

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Click here to see Parent-Attorney Steve Bracci's latest post!Don't let the title of the recent order by the Administrative Law Judge fool you, the Parent/Attorney, Steve Bracci, has made more progress as he takes on this out-of-control School Board.

You may click here to visit his blog and read the order.

The title states "ORDER GRANTING RESPONDENT’S MOTION TO DISMISS, IN PART, AND GRANTING PETITIONER LEAVE TO AMEND, AND ORDER DENYING PETITIONER’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY FINAL ORDER". As one reads the entire order, it is revealed that Mr. Bracci now has been given the opportunity to fix a few discrepancies while at the same time it did not let the District off the hook at all.

The way we see this, by allowing Mr. Bracci's existing case to move forward, the judge is effectively ordering that Kamela Patton be deposed, and that the District provide Mr. Bracci with the internal E-Mails and internal Calendars that he initially requested. All of this must be accomplished before the Sept 17th hearing date! The list of troubles keeps growing for Ms. Patton and the Board ... Now this!

Well done, Mr. Bracci ... The parents and taxpayers of Collier County are grateful beyond words. Keep up the great work!

You may click here to visit his blog and read the order.

Click here to read Brent Batten's article - Subscription RequiredNaples Daily News columnist Brent Batten shines the light on the darkness that increasingly surrounds the Collier County School Board and Superintendent Kamela Patton.
This hard-hitting article pulls no punches! It illustrates how the summer began with the School District claiming that when a private company tells it's paying customers that it can no longer provide services to them ... this is somehow "Lobbying the District".  Then, at the end of the summer, the very same group of misguided bureaucrats turn a blind eye, and even proudly defend the following: 1) The "eager solicitation of sponsors" that led directly to what is perhaps an illegal flow of over $100,000 in vendor "gifts" to pay Resort Hotel expenses among other items.  2) Certain vendors being allowed to peddle their wares and services, unhindered by "healthy competition" of other vendors in their category, directly to the entire assembly of School Administration decision makers that spend your tax dollars. 3) Some vendors are even allowed "Break-out sessions" of their own at the so-called "retreat"!  Thank you for helping Collier taxpayers see the true colors of thier elected School Board, Mr. Batten!

Due to Copyright provisions, we cannot post the article itself:

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL ARTICLE (subscription required)

Published in the Naples Daily News on Sunday, August 18, 2013

NBC-2 Story - The Debate Goes OnDebate goes on over Collier after-school programs

Posted: Aug 13, 2013 6:18 PM EST
By Rick Ritter, Reporter


Our comments:

Thank you once again, NBC-2 and Reporter Rick Ritter for staying with this important story as it continues to develop.  This news story is a "must-watch"!  It provides in an excellent synopsis of the events of the past few months and very effectively illustrates the level of frustration that Collier County parents have with the School Board and Superintendent Kamela Patton as they continue to ignore laws, rules, and more importantly illustrate by their actions and in-actions that they simply don't care about the children, parents and taxpayers that have been so adversely affected.

Important correction to the video:  At the end of the video, Mr. Ritter states that "the hearing was dismissed".  That is not the case.  In fact, that particular hearing was actually cancelled. From reading the publicly available information, it seems that Mr. Bracci felt his case was so strong, he asked the Judge to simply make a ruling (called a "Motion for Summary Final Order"). ... Mr. Bracci is still awaiting the result of that motion.

Well done Rick Ritter and NBC-2 ... Thank you again!


ALSO .... Be sure to see Steve Bracci's blog where he has excellent descriptions, in layman's terms, of his legal arguments (you can read the documents for yourself ... linked under each of his posts) and see how in our opinion Superintendent Kamela Patton and the School District's legal team (which we pay for with our tax dollars) continue to sidestep and evade the truth of their actions that will inevitably come to light!

Collier DIstrict last-minute change to bus form! Collier County School District makes last-minute change to the Bus Permission Form!  Read on ...

Dear Parents,

The District is attempting another last-minute attack on your right to choose!! We need your action NOW!

Many Laurel Oak and Veterans Memorial parents filled out a district-provided permission form to allow their student to be bussed to Sports CLUB Center after school. Yesterday, less than a week before school begins, the District changed the form to require a Principal's signature - something that is not required by any other program or form of after school transportation!


Clearly, the District has not learned that limiting parent choice and devious power grabs will not stand!

PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL the Assistant Superintendent's office (see below), which is listed on the new form RIGHT NOW! This cannot wait.

Mr. Gary Brown
Administrator on Special Assignment, District/School Operations
(239) 377-0203 • brownga@collierschools.com

Thank you for your support and for standing up for parents and kids! If not us, then who?!

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Click here to read the letter!Monday, August 12, 2013
Erika Donalds, Naples

Title: Still Rockin'

Our comments:
Erika reminds us of how the School District takeover of the After-School time in our children's lives began as we were all "blindsided" the day before school let out.  She expresses the sheer frustration with the stall tactics, lies, diversions, and legal maneuvering that sums up the entirety of the Collier School Board and Superintendent Kamela Patton's response to the massive public outcry and countless attempts at direct communication by individual parents.  How heartwarming to know your tax dollars have been spent vigorously fighting YOU and your rights as a parent and taxpayer.  She also publicly thanks all of the parents and volunteers that have assisted in so many ways!   She makes the important point that while this began with an effort to keep Sports CLUB in our schools, it has now become so much more than that.  Thank you, Erika for your leadership!

Click here to read the letter

(title and date above reflect actual printing date and title at the time of printing)

Click here to read the letter!Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Robert Jenkins, Naples

Title: Strike Four

Our comments:
Mr. Jenkins hits it out of the park (couldn't resist the baseball analogy)!  He asks the clear and pointed question: "How can we be expected to trust this School Board with After-School Care when their In-School performance has just dropped a letter grade this year?"  ... He again echos so many parents concerns about how ill-prepared the District is to run an After-School Care program, and just how wrong it is to "confiscate a private businesses work product without compensation".  Well said!

Click here to read the letter

(title and date above reflect actual printing date and title at the time of printing)

Click here to watch parents speak up!This is another "must-see"!  Watch as parents passionately voice their continued opposition.

The July 30th Collier School Board meeting once again saw almost 20 parents show up with 5 parents using the Public Comments portion of the meeting to speak up yet again against the wholesale takeover of our After-School Care parental decisions.

As usual, the Board members and Superintendent Kamela Patton illustrated with their actions (or the lack thereof) just how much they value dialog with the children and parents of Collier County.  Perhaps they should be reminded that their own governing Bylaws state they are to "act as a truly representative body for citizens in all matters related to programs and operations" (Section 0118).

Click here to view the meeting
NOTE: Please jump to 1hr 7min (01:07:00) to see parents' After-Care comments

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Click here to see Parent-Attorney Steve Bracci's latest post!School District Attorneys, paid for with your tax dollars, continue to fight Collier County parents and children!

Please read Parent/Attorney Steve Bracci's latest blog post where he describes how the District, through their questionable tactics, last-minute maneuvering, delay, distraction, misrepresentation (a/k/a lying), and unrealistic proposals, again reveal how little regard they have for the welfare of the parents and children of Collier County.

The continued silence of the Collier County School Board members and Superintendent Kamela Patton in the face of the massive public outcry speaks volumes about their priorities.

Mr. Bracci has made public four new documents:

1) An excerpted transcript from the June 11th School Board meeting where Superintendent Patton and Purchasing Director Sirko discuss After-School Care.

2) His "Request For Admissions", where he asks the District to verify stated facts.  Two very interesting addendums to the original RFQ are included here!

3) The School District's shocking response to Mr. Bracci's "Request For Admissions" ... In addition to several arguable points that seem to side-step the goal of resolution, they actually suggest delaying the hearing beyond the start of the school year!

4) Mr. Bracci's quick response to the delay tactics, filed this past Tuesday, July 23rd ... His "Motion for Summary Final Order", seeking a final order without necessity of any hearing.


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Sports Club announces busses from 2 schoolsAn alert Parents ROCK parent snapped this photo.  Sports CLUB posted an announcement that it will provide free bus service from Veteran's Memorial Elementary and Laurel Oak Elementary, where it was cut as the After-School Care provider!

If you know parents at those schools, please let them know THEY CAN KEEP SPORTS CLUB - with it's current pricing, wonderful staff and excellent activity structure!
  Parents always win when private enterprise is allowed to adapt and change to meet demand with a quality product at a fair price!  ... So how's the new School-Run program workin' out for ya now, VME and LOE?  Got kids?

The parents & children at the other schools still need our help!
  If the School District succeeds with their (possibly illegal) rule-making, price-fixing, and strong-arm tactics at the other schools where Sports CLUB remains on-site, the program will look very different and cost a lot more!  Help us continue to stand up for Parents' Rights!

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Click here to read the letter!Saturday, July 20, 2013
Michele Caswell, Naples

Title: Enough is enough

Our comments:
Parents continue to speak up ... yet another Letter To The Editor!  Here is a pithy letter that illustrates Parents and Taxpayers massive level of frustration with the Collier County School Board and Superintendent Kamela Patton's refusal to communicate and blatant disregard for existing laws and rules. This letter offers a simple 3-Step solution to move forward.  Another "Must-Read"!

Click here to read the letter

(title and date above reflect actual printing date and title at the time of printing)

b2ap3_thumbnail_LTEs.jpgThursday, July 18, 2013
Ann Hayes, Naples

Title: Favoring good sports

Click here to read the letter

Our comments:
Ann provides an excellent response to columnist Brent Batten's piece titled "The problem with Sports Club", which in our opinion was  "misguided" and "misleading" at best.   She paints a clear picture of how Brent did not provide every side to the story, how the School District blatantly misrepresented the forced changes to parents, and how her life personally and financially will be so drastically impacted by these sweeping changes.  Well said, Ann!

Click here to read the letter

(title and date above reflect actual printing date and title at the time of printing)